WA Share

A (local) app to copy and share messages from a WhatsApp chat.

This is a Progressive Web App (PWA) that process the WhatsApp chat export data within your browser. The data not sent to the external server — you could verify this by trying the app in offline mode.

The code for this app is on GitHub.

NOTE: Currently, the app is only supported on Android + Chrome. Firefox doesn't support installation of PWAs. Safari supports installation of PWAs, but iOS doesn't let other apps share content with installed PWAs.

Installation & Usage

  1. Open the site in Chrome
  2. "Install App" from the settings menu
  3. Open the WhatsApp chat from where you want to copy/share texts and media
  4. Select "Export Chat" from the hamburger menu and select the "WA Share" app.
  5. In the app page, use filters like the date range, senders or only messages with links to filter required messages.
  6. Click on "Copy to Clipboard" or "Share" to copy/share the texts and media
  7. Profit!
Watch Demo Video